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TCRA honors Rep. Stephanie Klick for her leadership in authoring & shepherding this bill to passage.

Remember Baby Tinslee?

The story of Baby Tinslee dominated the headlines back in 2019. This gripping case focused national attention on the need to reform the rights of patients facing threats to their very existence from institutions that we count on to protect us. Baby Tinslee was born with a rare heart condition. Before her first birthday, a hospital ethics committee authorized removal of her life-sustaining treatment, which would have effectively ended her life. This law, the Texas Advance Directives Act, allows doctors to end treatment 10 days after notifying the family, even if the family opposes. Baby Tinslee’s mother and family fought bravely for her life and won the legal right to continue treatment. Today, Baby Tinslee is four years old and lives at home.

Rep. Stephanie Klick has been fighting to reform this system for almost two decades, first as a grass roots activist and eventually as Chair of the Public Health Committee in the Texas House. This last session, she brought all effected parties together and passed major legislation that reaffirms the sanctity of life and the rights of patients to choose life. This landmark change protects families who are fighting for their vulnerable loved ones.

That’s why, in an historic, first-ever resolution, the Tarrant County Republican Assembly has honored Rep. Stephanie Klick for her steadfast leadership in authoring and shepherding this important legislation to passage. I hope you’ll take a minute to read the attached resolution which provides even more detail.

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